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    I have problem on Pre2 running Webos 2.1 to sync new created calender event to Exchange Server. The problem depends on the timezone setting of the Pre 2.

    New event can syncs to Exchange if my Pre2 timezone is set to one of these:
    - Moscow (BGT)
    - London (UTC)
    - France (MET)
    - Sydney (AEST)
    - Lo Angles (PST)

    New event on Pre2 will not sync to Exchange if Pre2's timezone is set to one of these:
    - Hong Kong
    - Beijing (AWST)
    - Kuala Lumpur (AWST)
    - Japan (JST)
    - Bangkok (JVT)
    - Seoul (JST)
    - India (IST)
    - Indonesia (JVT)

    Any idea could help me on the troubleshooting? Thanks a lot!
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