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    Hi folks,
    This one has me stumped.
    I am unable to view Outlook/Exchange contact info with my Veer.
    I was running a Pre 2 and contacts synced correctly until I purchased a TouchPad. I then replaced my Pre 2 with a Veer and Exchange contacts still do not synch.
    When I check my account in Preferences and Accounts, it says I have 2,300 contacts. However, the phone does not display them in Contacts, or when I use Just Type.
    I removed all accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Exchange, etc..), backed up my Veer, performed a power cycle and then re-entered my Exchange account details. This didnít help.
    The only contacts I can actually access, seem to be those on my SIM card (450 contacts) or my Palm Profile (2 contacts).
    The strange thing is my Exchange contacts sync perfectly with my TouchPad. Duh.
    Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can sort this out?
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    Obviously, after not being able to fix this for weeks, the moment I asked for help, I seem to have sorted it out.
    Changed the default account under Preferences and Accounts (from within the Contacts app) from my Exchange account to my Palm/WebOS Profile.
    I have no idea why this should work.

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