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    I'm at my wits end with the calendar on my VZW Pre 2. I have the 2.1 update but some events I add or modify on the Pre don't sync to google. I want to go the exchange route (here in the forums), but I have 6 calendars in google. Twice now when I've powered off the Pre to swap batteries or had a luna restart, several of my calendars events don't show on the Pre. They're still in google, but I have to remove the account and re-add.
    My question, is there a limit to the number of exchange accounts Synergy supports? I'd gladly make new google accounts for each calendar if I can.
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    I read somewhere else that when you use the exchange setup for your Google accounts, only the primary calendar on your Google account syncs with your Pre phone. I haven't tried using the Google calendar with the exchange account setup, so don't have personal experience with it.
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    I have setup exchange, and can confirm that is how it works. That's why I want to make separate google accounts for each one of my calendars and set them up as exchange accounts.

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