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    So, using Exchange settings to sync my hotmail calendar (and email and contacts) had been working great for me on my Pre2. For the calendar, it has been the only reliable setup (I moved my calendar from gmail because of the syncing problems). It stays in sync, including with my wife's calendar, which I have my hotmail calendar "subscribing" to.

    A few days ago I set up a TouchPad on my profile. It pulled in everything fine and my hotmail calendar was working fine, including showing my wife's calendar. The TP was defective, however, so I had to replace it. I set up the new TP on my profile last night, and again everything came in fine, except my hotmail calendar didn't display my wife's appointments. Her calendar was listed as one of my calendars and was set to display, but no appointments appeared. My Pre2 still showed them. So, I deleted the Hotmail account from my TP and recreated it, again using Exchange settings. No luck.

    Now this morning my Pre2 shows my appointments from my Hotmail calendar, but the one's that were my wife's are now showing up as being "undefined", not in her calendar --which the Pre2 is stil listing as one of the calendar's I should see. So, I turned off calendar in the Hotmail account set, reset my phone, and looking at the calendar my appoints are gone but my wife's (as undefined appointments) are still there. I don't have access to my TP to see what it is doing, although this morning when I left for work it was still just showing my appointments but none from my wife's calendar.

    So, somehow my devices have gone blind to the subscribed calendar and, I assume since the phone had those appointments in the phone but didn't know from what calendar, they became "undefined" appts.

    Two questions:

    - How do I remove the "undefined" appts from my calendar?
    - Any ideas/suggestions on what might be keeping my wife's calendar that my hotmail calendar is subscribing to from not showing up in my devices any more?
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    Update. My first inclination was that the swap of TPs had somehow caused the problem, but that doesn't make sense to me for why the Pre2 would stop syncing with the subscribed acct. So I looked at the subscribed acct details and Hotmail says that 203 of 204 appointments were successfully imported. So I went and subscribed my Hotmail to my Yahoo calendar (which I don't use) to test, and Hotmail didn't report an import error and the Yahoo appts showed up on my Pre2 via Hotmail. So I'm guessing that one bad appt in my wife's Yahoo calendar is disrupting the Pre2's attempt to read it via my Hotmail and shows nothing. Now which of the 204 appts is the bad one...

    As for the "undefined" appts in my calendar, it seems from looking through the forum that there isn't a fix for this other than manually erasing every one individually. I'd love for someone to tell that I'm wrong or come up with a fix.
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    I don't have exchange, and I m unable to sync hotmail calendar. Any ideas?
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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