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    In my experience, and it seems for many others, Google calendar and Google contacts sync with the Pre 2 is spotty//unreliable, especially the calendar. For me, I continue to keep my contacts at Google (it does seem to mostly sync, albeit much delayed at times) but moved my calendar to Hotmail and set up my Pre 2 to access Hotmail via the ActiveSync Exchange set up method (which seems to keep the calendar and mail folders synced very well).

    Is syncing Google calendar and contacts on the TouchPad similarly spotty? I am giving a TouchPad to my mom and will need to set her up online with a new acct (she has an aol email acct, eek) somewhere for her calendar and contacts to sync to and I'm trying to decide what my best option is. I think Hotmail via ActiveSync, but I'd go with Google if is reliable since I'd like to also get her setup with GoogleDocs to connect to QuickOffice (I assume that is on the TouchPad) and the fewer accts/logins she has to deal with, probably the better. Thanks.
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    I have noticed anomlies with Google calendar on both my TouchPad and Pre2. Events show month view duplicates, but are show ok in day or week view. Events move to different days than shown on the Google calendar website. I have at about 6 different Google calendars, and at times their colors get mixted up. Never had this issue with my Pre+, all 6 of them. Only fix I have found is to delete the Google account and readd it and let it synch again. I am sure others with much more knowledge have other solutions.
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