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    Three days ago I noticed that an event I entered on my Pre plus (webOS 2.1.0) wouldn't show up in the Google web calendar.

    I narrowed it down to a problem with the event containing a german umlaut, in this case th letter "".

    Whenever an event contains the characters , , , , , or , the event won't get synced. I suspect this is true for other "special characters", too.

    This works fine on my TouchPad.

    Just to be safe, I removed UberCalendar from my Pre before doing the following tests.

    Test case: On the Pre I entered the following events, each an hour apart:

    aaa --> synced
    aa --> not synced
    bbb --> synced
    aa --> not synced
    ccc --> not synced (seems after several sync errors, there is no sync at all anymore)
    A (entered on TouchPad) --> synced (and synced back to Pre)

    Can anyone try to reproduce this, please?
    It would be interesting to find out what behaviour is exhibited by other OS versions.

    In any case, if you have calendar sync trouble, it might be worth checking for special characters in the event title.

    Regards, uwer
    Pre 3, webOS 2.2.4 on O2 Germany, TP 32 GB
    ~Coitans fer Windoze~
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    Try the sync behaviors patch if you want to fix it. The second link in my signature.
    French Pre3, UK Pre2, US Veer, German gsm Pre, 680, garmin ique 3600 & still have my working palm pilot 1000 with the 1 Mb adapter

    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
    patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Oauth2 and advanced sync requirements enabled)
    Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch
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    Works like a charm, thank you so much.

    Just donated another $25 to the webOS-Internals WEB-A-THON 2011.

    This is why I love this community.
    Pre 3, webOS 2.2.4 on O2 Germany, TP 32 GB
    ~Coitans fer Windoze~

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