I would really appreciate this community's help and advice - thanks in advance!

Like many, I have a handful of email accounts on my Pre+. Let's call 'Account W' my work account and 'Account G' my gmail account. Both are pop3/imap.

I also get 'Account W' via Outlook using pop3. We do not have an Exchange server. I get a lot of meeting requests and use the Google Outlook Sync to update my Gmail calendar (Account G). My phone's calendar syncs only with Account G.

So, to fully use my Pre+ as a work tool, I can read my work email (Account W) but see all my calendar entries from Account G. I've assumed this is my best option for having everything get updated automatically and not have to manually sync with a third party option.

Question #1:
When I get a meeting invite from Account W, can the Pre+ somehow tie the invite in with the calendar, Account G?

In the past year, I've always had to let Outlook get updated first and then let the Google Sync push the calendar to Account G before the invite would appear on my Pre (and now TouchPad). If there's some magic to make this easier, please let me know.

I do not want to manually sync the Pre+ with Outlook. Been there with the Treo650 and now want to have things automated as much as possible.

Question #2
Currently, when I receive a meeting invite (Account W) on my Pre+, if the invite came from Outlook 2003 I can view it in a crude text format from the Pre+. But if it originates from Outlook 2007 I get 'Retrieving email text..." and the spinning circle, and eventually something times out and I get "Unable to download message." and a RETRY button. It never displays any useful information about the meeting.

Is this a known bug, or is this because I don't have a calender on the Pre+ for Account W? What are my options? It would be awesome if I could at least view the meeting invite even if I didn't add it to the calender.