Oh my gosh! i thought it was just me.

turns out i am having some of the same issues many others are having on my veer.

a few appointments have just disappeared from my veer - fortunately, they are still on google.

spent TWO HOURS on the chat thing with palm - no help - my "issue" was "escalated" and i should have received a call from them within 24-28 hours... i'm sitting by the phone waiting.

tried moving everything over through microsoft exchanged, only to be disappointed that only my main calendar will sync. WORTHLESS.

Frankly - had i known that these issues were going to be so prevalent, i may have just hung on to my centro. i NEVER EVER had a single calendar issue with pimlical datebk. NEVER. EVER.

i feel like palm got duped by HP and we have all been shoved down the mountain.

incredibly frustrated and disappointed, but NEED A SOLUTION.