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    Tomorrow I will get my new Veer which I want to use as a replacement for my old Pre (minus). Until now I have used The Missing Sync to sync my calendars and address book between my phone and my Mac. As sync of devices running webOS 2.x is officially not supported by Mark/Space I am now seeking for an alternative way to sync my new Veer directly with my Mac.
    Now my question is: is there a way of getting this done or should I better get a Google account? Are there alternatives to Google? (I would prefer not having to use Google or "the cloud" if possible.)

    Thanks for your answers in advance!
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    missing sync is probably the best for what you wanted to do if you still use a Mac.

    A good alternative to gmail is hotmail.
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    I tried Missing Sync on my Veer without any success...
    Got myself a Google-Account now and it syncs very well.

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