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    So a while back my Sprint Palm Pre's screen shattered after being dropped on my new tile floor. I ended up buying a used Pre and I went happily little way.

    Fast forward to now and I just updated my phone to the 2.1.0 Sprint hack and everything seemed to have gone smoothly with the exception of my contacts being imported.

    I've done everything possible to try and get this to work out but it hasn't be sucessful.

    I decided to plug in my old phone to see if by chance it would still have the contacts and it does. Here is where it gets tricky:

    With the screen being shattered and the phone not being activated, is there anyway I can still pull the contacts using #*66623#? I tried it and it says GAL is unavailable which makes sense, but is there another way?

    If there is not, oh well not big deal as I will just start from scratch with my contacts list. And yes, like a dummy I didn't export my contacts to Google before.
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    So I was able to install the Send All Via Email patch. I am thinking if I can get wifi to work, it should allow me to send an email....right?
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    Is your old phone working well enough to sync the contact list with gmail instead of Palm Profile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boarder1999 View Post
    Is your old phone working well enough to sync the contact list with gmail instead of Palm Profile?
    So the phone actually doesnt seem to be deactivated. I kept getting text messages when I booted it up.

    How could I go about syncing the contact list with gmail with the shattered screen? I get very minimal response from the screen when pressing on it, and sometimes (or I should say most of the time) I get no response from it at all. I do randomly get a response if I place tape on the screen, but it's hit or miss.

    It'd be really awesome if somehow someone came up with a program that would allow you to see your Pre on your desktop and allow you to modify it. Basically like a remote desktop.
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    BTW: the ##66623# is refering to this method of exporting the contacts to .cvs

    And when I type that in I get "GAL" is unavailable. GAL = Global Address Lookup maybe?
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    OH SNAP.... im on the cellBrite Export screen.... now if I can only hit the export button I'd be good to go (i think). Time for the magic touch
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    There is no way to "tab" is there? I really don't think there is.... :/
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    Damn this is annoying. Is there any other possible way to hit this button?

    Can the program be modified so you can just press "enter"?

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