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    I have my google and facebook accounts set to sync my contacts.

    Today, I had occasion to search for a person in my phonebook.

    They did not come up on my Google contacts list (on computer)

    They did come up on my palm pre. That contact had been associated with a facebook profile.

    I checked the number of contacts on my gmail and on the palm pre. They match.

    I deleted a couple of contacts on gmail and re-synced. The phone synced to the same number.

    I know the number of contacts match, but his contact won't come up on gmail or my computer addressbook (synced).

    I am only concerned, as I intend to upgrad my phone and I don't want to have contacts vanish.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are describing, but if they are in gmail when you look at your contacts from a pc browser, you won't loose anything. Same with facebook contacts. Just make sure you don't have any contacts in your palm profile...
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    Sorry I don't exactly understand what you're saying.

    You will lose your gmail contacts (on web) if you delete them on your phone (and default folder is google contacts).

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