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    As my default account in contacts (gmail) seems to have disappeared and I can't set a default account will deleting the account and recreating it make a difference? Will it give me the chance to set a default account? and will this deleting and recreating work? does it import my gmail contacts ok?
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    what do you mean you can't set a default account? Are you getting errors?
    pre -/+ or pre2?
    Its under preferences & accounts, tap the left top corner in contacts view. Then tap the current default view to change it. You must be logged it 1st to change the view. You can't change the default 1st then login to the google account.
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    also you can't not have a default account it will revert back to the palm profile if google was deleted. So tap what's there & try to change it to google.
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    It won't let me set a default account. I had it for the first few days but the box is blank now, it has disappeared. When I press the box nothing happens. Going into my google account (contacts) doesn't give me the option either. This is all in preferences & accounts. Google account in email and calendar have not been affected just the contacts. Google account is still there not deleted and when i go into it it says it has 119 contacts. Obviously syncing doesn't work as there's no default setting anymore. Hope you/someone can help.

    So removing the google account and recreating it (in contacts) won't help?

    As the google syncing doesn't work anyway, could I switch the ''use account with' setting in 'system' 'accounts' 'my google account' to OFF for contacts and then back ON again. Might that work? Will that do any damage?
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