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    1) I was using AIM to connect to my ICQ account, since yesterday it takes like forever to sign in and then says something like invalid credentials

    2) Installed 3.0-MessagingPlugins-Dist-com.palm.webosinternals.messaging_3.0.7_armv7.ipk and tried again:

    a) using AIM: The account credentials you are entered are incorrect
    b) using ICQ results in: Login Failed: "Received unexpected response from invalid DevId"
    Playing around with settings (i.e., port 443, enable tls) does not help

    As well, searched for the web and it seems ICQ changed something on theirs servers, see here:
    [Bug 795932] Re: ICQ doesn't work since June 10, 2011
    cocoaforge • View topic - ICQ not connecting?


    edit: Pidgin 2.7.7 on my PC works without issues, was testing and verifying in parallel. Password change did not help as well
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