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    Over the weekend, I stopped receiving email to my pop, aol & gmail accounts. Email comes in fine on my desktop, no errors on the Pre. I deleted the gmail & aol account and re-added them, the inboxes are now blank, no emails at all. The internet and other data works fine. I've done a device restart and shutdown. Any ideas? Trying to avoid wiping it, its such a pain to restore everything.
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    does your PC leave a copy on the server? Or does it delete it from the server once its on the PC?
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    It leaves a copy.
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    I have been having issues with AOL. There is something going on server side with them, and when it happens it is causing the data connection on my VZW Pre 2 to get stuck and then I don't get any messages. Turning airplane mode on and off remedies it. Having the AOL issue with both pop and IMAP.
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    After another delete & re-add, I get the icon when a new email arrives, but I can't see it unless I switch sort to sender (or subject) and back to date.
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    May need to doctor the phone....

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