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    When I add an IMAP subfolder, it now sorts with the top-level folders, instead of appearing under the folder it is a sub-folder of.

    I have been able to add sub-folders in the past, and they displayed correctly.

    I use fastmail, which is where I usually create folders and subfolders. From there, I sync them with my Pre and with Outlook (just Outlook, not Exchange).

    I have several patches applied to my email app -- for example, the patch that gives me a button at the bottom of every email for moving the email to a different folder. I don't know whether a new subfolder ever properly sorted since adding those patches or not; I added the patches perhaps 8-12 months ago. I can't uninstall and re-install the patches because after either an OS update or switching back and forth between two phones (repair situation), a bunch of patches seem to have become part of the OS itself. (Preware still gives me a list of patches I installed after that time, but not those which predated the phone-switching, even though the older patches still function.)

    Does anyone know whether the cause would be the patches, or something else?
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    I'm not sure if this helps you in any way or not but I have always had this odd behavior on my Pre 1.4.5. Everytime I would add a new IMAP subfolder on my desktop it would appear at the top of the folder list on my Pre. I just learnt to live with it as an oddity.

    But if it really bothers you a simple solution is to delete the account on the Pre and then add it again. The folders then re-appear in the correct hierarchy after the Pre sync with the server. Hope it helps.
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    Yeah, that's what mine is doing. Strangely, after I posted I added a new top-level folder and a sub-folder to that new top-level folder, and that new sub-folder displayed beneath the new top-level folder. But I don't think the problem is gone; I suspect this just works with new top-level folders. But of course it's not worth re-doing the phone. I had just been wondering whether there was a quick fix.
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    Well you actually do not need to "re-do" your phone as you put it. ;-) Just remove the IMAP account in question from Email -> Preferences & Accounts -> Accounts. Then add the account again. As the synched folders start to show up they will appear in the correct hierarchy.
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    This problem has existed since the very first release of WebOS. (Day one Pre- owner.) It is annoying. The problem does not seem to exist for Exchange accounts, just for IMAP. The only solution I have found is to delete the acccount and re-add it.

    Every new release, I have hoped this would get fixed. Sigh... Please HP, fix this!!

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