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    So I've been struggling to get my work email up and running on a new Pre2. I had started a thread in the Pre2 forum but the subject line was probably not informative enough. I now have a final word from HP-Palm as of a few hours ago so I wanted to post an update but I figured the Synergy forum would be more appropriate.

    All my accounts except my work account sync without any issue. At work we use a Domino 8.5.2 server with Domino Traveler. Users not using the corporate BB's have the option to sync their mail using IMAP or EAS Domino Traveler on the server. Both of these work flawlessly on my Pre (minus) 1.4.5 (which I am still using) and neither works on the Pre2 2.1.0.

    I have been all over the internet, logged a complaint with Palm. Had the problem escalated to Level 3. HP-Palm has no tech support for WebOs devices in Asia (where I am presently based) and they told me US based level 3 tech support cannot make overseas calls. Tried calling the US tech support myself but it took 30min to get the guy to understand the problem as I had to start from scratch even after giving my complaint ref number. After that no news from them. No call back no email - nothing. Finally wrote an email on their website complaining to HP's CEO. The very next day some guy from tech support in Asia called me and giving reference of my email to Mr.Apotheker told me that he would co-ordinate with the engineers in USA and call me each day to update me on the status of my complaint. (I was impressed!)

    After 3 calls from the guy during which some more questions put up by the "engineers" to him were answered by me he finally called me this morning to convey the following to me.

    "The complaint lodged by me has been checked, duplicated at their end and confirmed. However, IMAP email on a Domino server or Domino Traveler EAS synchronisation is not supported by webOS 2 so they cannot help me any further. Have a nice day!"

    Wow, I could not believe that this guy was actually serious about this statement. HP-Palm are actually publicly stating that a smartphone device is not going to have email support with Domino servers. That in my opinion is unbelievable. They cannot possibly have any hopes of being a serious player in the enterprise environment with this level of email sync support on the device. I'm willing to concede that EAS traveler sync can be a bit complicated and IBM does not officially support webOs devices as well but a simple IMAP sync why can't that work?

    To anyone who can still help me trouble shoot I have already tried the following:

    - deleted & setup problem account again

    - partial erase

    - full erase

    - full secure erase with a completely new palm profile

    - on server side completely new mail db setup

    - trying to click forward and back between email messages (as suggested by a few users)

    - setting up a test account for the palm guys to try to log into and confirm duplication of this issue at their end

    Nothing works. The final result is:

    IMAP: it is absolutely impossible to get the IMAP Sync to show folders from our sever. The account gets set up and validates without any problem. But no folders show up on the device. If you click on drafting a new email message and send it out it may or may not go (random behaviour). It shows up in the Outbox on the device and in case it is successfully transmitted it just disappears from device (no sent folder). On the desktop client the sent email appears in the sent folder.

    Conclusion: SMTP relay works at times. IMAP sync for incoming connects but no folders show up on device.

    EAS Sync with Domino Traveler: After trying dozens of different configurations the email starts to sync and all the folders show up. All email headers show up just fine. But whenever I try to open an email it needs anywhere from a couple of seconds to 30-40 seconds while I watch the "retrieving email text" then if I am lucky the email opens with full text but there are a number of email messages which never open and eventually give me an "error - unable to download".

    Conclusion: The email sync with Traveler is completely random. I can read some messages but most show me an error. The contacts search from Global address book on the server works albeit with a 5-10 second delay.

    HP-Palm have given me a reference bug number CSO-7675 and as I understood officially told me that they cannot offer any further help. I don't know if this issue will be addressed in subsequent updates or I'm on my own. If anyone can offer any further help on this issue it would be much appreciated.
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    A quick check of Google throws up a lot of threads reporting bugs in Domino's implementation of IMAP - could this be your real issue ?
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    Try to get in touch with a poster called GREGG. Search the Synergy Forum for Domino to locate him
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    marshalla99: Trust me I am not a fan of Lotus Notes Domino. In fact it is due to this reason that we have about 30 users here who are not using the notes client to fetch email on our desktops/laptops from our corporate servers. Everyone is pulling their email from the same Domino server using IMAP. It is working on multiple desktops, laptops, Android devices and my own Pre(-) 1.4.5.

    The only device which refuses to do the IMAP sync is my Pre2. So as much as I would like to point the finger at Domino, in this case I have to rule it out.

    mullern: Thanks for the tip. I was actually advised to get in touch with Gregg in another related thread as well and I am in touch with him via email. I have also been through his posts here at P|C and on IBM forums as well on the same subject.

    We all agree that the Domino and webOS2 communication is a bit iffy. IBM officially does not support webOS and it now seems that Palm too is adopting the same official position. This basically leaves a lot of us enterprise users in the lurch trying to figure out their own hit & miss solutions. But what bothers me is the fact that leaving aside the Traveler EAS sync why is the IMAP sync not working and why is Palm washing their hands off the issue by saying anything to do with Domino 8.5.2 is presently not supported. They should instead step forward and say, "bug acknowledged and being worked on".

    When we deployed Domino Traveler I personally helped half a dozen users to set up their accounts on their respective iphones and Android phones. Each one worked straight off the bat. My Pre required fiddling with installing the security certificate and stuff but then it worked. Why is it that the email app on the webOS 2 is the only one that stubbornly refuses to connect.

    At the end of the day it might be a specific setting on the Domino server which needs to be changed but I don't know specifically know what needs to be changed. I do expect HP-Palm to step in and be able to help in trouble shooting and this lack of support is what bothers me.

    Just Google "webOS 2 email problem" and you get an idea of how buggy the email app on our new devices seems to be.
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    did you try lumberjack and look into the logfile? Maybe you get some usefull info from it.
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    I don't think I ever heard Palm officially offering support for Lotus till the 2.1 update but only through the exchange protocol. Don't waste your time with IMAP if you have the exchange option. Did you give them a test account to try for that mail server?
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    I just connected my PalmPre2 running 2.1 to our company lotus notes traveler; our lotus notes is version 8.5.X.
    Thanks to the LotusUser group at this page: Group Blog | Lotus Traveler on the Palm Pre - so easy a caveman could do it.

    The way i did it:
    - Create a new account as MicrosoftExchange
    - Do the creation Manually
    - You MUST know the domain name of your Lotus Company server
    - In the url, type then:
    the last part of the URL is the "ActiveSync" firing of the so-called PUSH option.
    - In the User, type your LotusNotes ID
    - In the Password, the Web Authentication you set up in Lotus Notes, when for instance you access the "webmail" lotus application.

    Last, but not least, determine if you will use this account as Mail, Contacts and Agenda, and it's done.
    The Tasks part DOES NOT sync with the Palm Pre, while on a Microsoft exchange account, it does. I installed in on my Linux Box using Zarafa.

    The mail from Lotus is completely sync'ed with the Palm Pre, it also creates the Folders from your Lotus account. Deleted mails are deleted from the notes server, mail that you send from the Pre appears in you Lotus Mail on the server.
    Well, just paradise )
    I didnot fire yet the addressbook, as my company one is rather big, but it works.

    Hope it helps.
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    Just an update for all especially any would be Domino Traveler users. My Pre2 and Domino Traveler are finally talking to each other politely. They are still not talking fluently so to say but at least there is hope now. Here's what was done:

    - Our IT guys opened a ticket with IBM who did say that WebOs is not supported but they would look into it.

    - They asked for the mail db to be reconverted to mail85 (please don't ask me what that means) but it seems to be a prerequisite for Traveler to work properly. They also asked for some settings to be tweaked server side.

    - They did identify and confirm an issue noted by Gregg on some IBM forums about "Unknown tag in Sync: WindowSize". This seems to be a lack of full ActiveSync protocol implementation by IBM. webOs asks for this as is expected but IBM did not implement it as iOS does not ask for it and they were more focused on support for iOS (I wonder why)

    - There is a bug (or so it seems) in the way Synergy is implemented in webOS 2 related to deletion or reinstalling of an EAS account which is (obviously) Synergy linked. Apparently if an account needs to be removed and reinstalled with changed settings or connection profile the newly setup EAS account somehow fetches the old connection profile from the linked Palm profile and overrides the corrected settings. Result: new settings are not effective. Also, once an EAS account is setup none of the login settings can be edited - they are all grayed out.

    So after the new mail db in Traveler had been created I first deleted my Palm Profile backup, switched off back ups, did a full erase of the device and started off on the clean device by first setting up the problem EAS-Traveler account. It finally started to sync and the famous "retrieving email text" in the email body finally gave way to actual text.

    There are still a few issues but for the time being at least its sort of started to work:

    - Some email messages show up text almost immediately, usually if they are RTF or less than 5kb HTML format. Larger messages still display the "retrieving email text" for anywhere between one to five seconds and then the email body appears. This I believe is related to the "Unknown tag in Sync: WindowSize" error that I mentioned above resulting in the device email client taking much longer to fetch the message body from the server.

    - The time required to fetch the text is usually a bit longer if the device is on GPRS/Edge versus Wifi which I suppose is due to network bandwidth limitations.

    - There is still a bug where some email messages with correct header and sender name actually display the text of a completely different email. This can be a pretty nasty bug if you are not prepared for it because you seem to receive an email from a sender who did not send it to you at all. I have not tested this completely but I think it occurs if a message is deleted on device by swiping without being read. It somehow messes up something and adjacent email messages if they have not already been read on device then start to show text in the body from another email.

    Even with all of the above limitations I have now started to use my Pre2 as the primary device and the Pre- has been relegated to back up status with no SIM card, just Wifi.

    In my opinion the email client and some Synergy related bugs still need to be ironed out in webOS 2 so I hope some HP-Palm tech service guys on board are reading this and taking note.

    All in all I have to say that through all of this the lousiest support I got was from Palm tech service. I did not get to speak to a single person who knew what he/she was talking about. I know that sitting here in Asia I officially do not have any tech support so to say but in this day and age of communication for a complaint escalated to (as I was told) Level 3 and not having any communication whatsoever from any tech guy except for the standardized auto mailers from was quite a disappointment. The last I was told was webOS does not support Domino Traveler 8.5.2 - case closed.

    If it was not for the fact that I am an incurable webOS enthusiast I would have given up a long time ago.
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    Connected our Lotus Traveler successfully to my new PRE3 following the instructions from JAME91370 in post#7. Thanks Jame91370, works great

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