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    I'm on O2 in the UK and just updated the phone to 2.1.
    My gmail push email always used to work perfectly, as soon as an email was sent, with 20 seconds it used to arrive on my Pre and my iPad.

    After the update 20 mins ago, test emails that I send from my desktop to my mobile email arrive on the ipad within 20 sec as usual, but don't show up on the Pre at all unless I manually launch my mail app!
    Mail has been set to "as it arrives" ie push (as before the update) but now it seems broken.

    Am I missing something here?
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    Mine was exactly the same, and now I have my pre 2 it is no different, I have to keep my iPod with me to know when I get an email, but I prefer the email on that anyway, atleast it shows the images in the email synced through exchange

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    realtime push messaging aside from proprietary bb protocol or sms heavly relies on long running pending http requests that timeout properly and loop solid depending on glitchless network layers, sleep-wakeup-mechanisms and economic idle states. the principle is very simple but can be spoiled at many different places.

    if webos 2.x is a step back on this technique, this would be a MAJOR show stopper for me introducing any new webos devices in my life and i would stick to 1.x as long as possible before i switch to the least bad option then.

    so i would be very interested in more people reporting their experiences with webos 2.x and eas, imap idle and the like.

    for example even on 1.x i have to switch data off and back on again after leaving any wifi for a 2g connection to property asure glitchless handover/reset of the imap idle requests.
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    That's weird, it works perfectly on my Pre Plus and Pre2, Gmail and Exchage accounts, both set to receive "as items arrive". They appear even before than on the computer

    2.1 Both devices. The Pre Plus is an AT&T one with a proper meta doctor created under Linux. The Pre2 has the Palm original 2.1 version.

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    OK, some headway here.
    I went to Yahoo and set up an email account and then added that to the Pre. I now had the gmail push account and the yahoo push account.
    As soon as I added the yahoo account, both email accounts started getting push email!

    I have no idea why this is happening and you may want to test this out for yourself.

    Now email is arriving at exactly the same time on my iPad and the Pre, plus I also now have another shiny new email account !!

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