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    I have set the default display of Google/Gmail Contact to Last name, first name. A typical display would read "Smith, sorts "Smith, Joe" in last name alphabetical order. If I select "Last Name", it sorts in first name order. So the Pre + appears to think that Gmail Contacts have the names reversed from the way they actually are. This is Gmail, not Google Apps, by the way.

    Any thoughts out there?
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    Mine are sorting okay based on either selection.
    I did notice the sort doesn't change immediately, it took maybe 5 seconds to take effect. I only have 315 contacts.

    I would imagine if your contacts database if quite large that changing the sort would take more than a couple of seconds.

    Have you given it time to change based on the size of your contacts database?
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    It will change, but the sorting is backwards. If I want it to sort Last Name, First Name I have to select First Name, Last Name on the Pre.

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