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    There might be a thread about this already, if so my apologies for n00bing...

    First, is it possible to disable autosync completely? I'd prefer manual sync when needed, I have to use that extensively anyway.

    Which brings the second... The manual retrieval doesn't seem to work as well as it should. 95% of the time I need to click the icon 5-10 times before anything happens. Anyone seeing the same? Any ideas how to fix it?

    Pre2, WebOS 2.1, AutoBCC and Additional retrieve times - patches, no other mail-related patching.
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    In preferences and accounts you can select manual for sync times. Not sure about the autosyncing of contacts and calendar though I think they are connected as far as syncing goes just not sure. I notice when in all inboxes it doesn't appear to be syncing but it does I will start seeing emails pop up. When I go to the actual account I don't notice the same behavior the wheel spins, I never see the wheel spin in all inboxes though. Hope that helps.

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    Hoh, I missed the manual option :-P Thanks.

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