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    Hey guys, first off I want to say I have been a great fan of Palm products for over 6 years, started with the Treo 600 and progressed up to the Treo Pro, loved each and every one so far, just got my new Pre and the jury is still out, one of the most important features is syncing with Outlook for contacts and calender. I DO NOT want to uplod anything to "The Cloud" (hahaha) as it is refered to in many posts, I just want to plug into my PC and do a direct transfer.
    I have been reading for several days and found that "The Missing Sync" or "Pocket Mirror" are the programs to use so I downloaded both the PC and the Pre applications and installed them, now here is my problem. I live in an area that does not get high speed service just dial up and furthermore I have no signal on my cel when I am home. These apps require a wifi connection to access a server to initialize the sync process, is there any way to make this happen using a dial up network?
    Another feature I am really disappointed that is not available on the Pre is voice dial or voice command and Power On via the center button, makes using the phone impossible while driving (illegal to use phone in Canada without handsfree so I have a bluetooth stereo in my car and works brilliantly with my palm pro but very clumsy with the Pre because of these missing features).
    Any help with the sync problem would be greatly appreciated because I update contacts and add/remove appointments daily because I am in industrial sales and do business to business calls 4 out of 5 days a week, my computer is the only safe place for me to store my info as it contains customers private info such as account numbers, payment services (sometimes visa and or master card numbers) spouses names, birthdays etc. also I had to sign a privecy/priveledge clause when I took the job regarding protecting client and company info, so using "The Cloud" is not an option.
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    You can purchase a wifi router with no WAN access only LAN. Just have the router connected wirelessly to your computer and pre. You ISP has nothing to do with wifi access to your device.
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    I thought of that and here i what I tried, I connected a Lynksys wireless g router to my PC then through the wireless feature on my Pre connected it to the PC, when I run "The Missing Sync" I get this message "Pairing server could not be reached" instead of the expected "Pairing successful" message, when I run "Pocket Mirror" I get a flashing yellow triangle with a not that an errr occured and to view the log. Also pocket mirror asks to check connection on the Pre and immediately opens the web brouser.

    Also firewalls on my computer are disabled, using Nortons
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    What OS version do you have? if you have Web OS 1.x then you can try Companion Link's USB sync .

    This is some of the info they have on their page.

    How it Works

    Sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with HP webOS devices like the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi direct and securely over USB. No cloud or hosted servers required. Two-way sync is fully supported so you can make changes to data anywhere.

    Note: The Palm Pre 2 and other webOS 2.0 devices are currently incompatible with CompanionLink USB Sync. Syncing via Google is the current recommended solution.
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    webos 1.4.5 is what's on mine. If I need to download Companion app to Pre then it will have to wait until tomorrow because I have no service here at home on the cel.
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    OK guys Companion Link did the job, kinda clumsy but it did work, so now I can update contacts and calander daily, if only this phone would do voice command or voice dial, but I have been informed that my pre running 1.4.5 webos will never have VD capability. Well it's off to the local buy and sell for this unit, too bad I had such high expectation.

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