I use Outlook 2010 on my desktop, and have live.com and Google Calendar accounts.

I keep all three updated and in sync with the following combination:

Outlook <-> Live.com with Outlook Connector
Google <-> Outlook with Google Calendar Sync
Google <-> Live.com via the sync between Outlook and then to Live

Regardless of which calendar I set up on my Pre, everything stays in synchronized.

The issue is that I want to use multiple categories in Outlook / Live.

Categories stay synched between Live and Outlook. But they appts in a seperate category in Outlook / Live do not appear in pre (the appts do not appear at all).

So how do I create calendar categories in Outlook / Live that will show on Pre. The traditional example is Self and Kids.

I know I can use multiple calendars in Google, or Live...but then I lose the automated 2-way sync across the platforms.