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    How well does the Chapurra sync work on the Pre 2?

    I'm considering buying a Pre 2 off ebay/craigslist. My upgrade is being saved for the Pre 3 but until the Chapurra/Pre 2 sync reliable? Like the days of Palm os? I don't use my google calendar at all except as a way to sync my phone.

    My verizon pre plus 1.4.5 works okay with google through gsyncit to Outlook 2010 (32 bit.) Customized recurrences are constantly messed up by I can deal with it. I can hold out until summer with my set up but it'd be nice to get back to a trustworthy calendar.

    I apologize if this has been answered but I've been following threads. Many of the calendar woes are from Pre/pre pluses that have upgraded webos 2.xx. It adds to my confusion since I am much lower than many of you on the tech side.

    Thanks for any help/advice!

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    The main question is can I get the Pre2 to work with a reliable calendar? I need a calendar that syncs at least a year in advance.

    So will I be banging my head against the wall if I invest $300+ in a Pre2 off ebay or should I be patient and wait for the Pre3 on Verizon?
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    I use pocket mirror and sync with outlook. It works very well.

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