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    After original post, I experimented some more and found a solution. I reworked this post to no longer be a question. It is now a "how to...".

    You apparently cannot change the incoming server on your Exchange/EAS account after it has been set up. You need to remove the account and then add it again. However, this is not as easy as it may seem. If you do not fully remove the old account, you can go through motions of adding a new account, but at the end of the process the old account will appear.

    Here is what I found works. Not all steps may be needed, but this seemed to work for me.

    1) Remove account from mail, contacts, and calendar.
    2) Remove account from accounts in accounts app.
    3) Restart phone, make sure the account is no longer present.
    4) Use Accounts app to add account with new server URL and also give account a new name.

    That seems to do the trick.

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    This is excellent advice! My company recently switched to Exchange 2010 and I tried deleting and recreating my Exchange email account several times with no luck. I never realized it was saved in so many places on the phone. Followed your instructions and everything's working great again. Thank you!

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