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    I just checked my Yahoo Calendar and I'm missing two months worth of events, February 18 through April 17 (on both the phone and Any event that was reoccurring within that time-frame is gone altogether. My default calendar switched from Yahoo to Google. If I try to switch it back, the name for Yahoo! calendar next to the color icon is blank. Try to switch it anyways, doesn't work.

    I removed Yahoo Calendar and re-added, the name is still blank. If I try to add an event in Palm Pre under Yahoo's calendar, it doesn't show it on (and vice-versa).
    I know it was working on the 16th, haven't used it yesterday.

    I'm using the original Palm Pre for Sprint, v1.4.5. No calendar related patches. I did run the update app last night, some apps have updated but I was already running the latest WebOS, so don't see how that could cause it.

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    My wife is experiencing similar issues. Changes made on the phone do not show up in her Yahoo calender online, and vice-versa. The name of the calendar just shows up as blank. I've tried removing and re-adding the account without any luck. I added her yahoo account to my phone (palm pre) and it wouldn't work either. I removed that and added my account to her phone, and couldn't get that to sync. Now my account won't sync on my phone either. Not sure what is going on.
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    Is she missing any calendar entries? Everything a month before and month after the 17th is gone on mine.
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    I think she had sporadic cases of events missing in previous weeks, but not whole ranges like you are describing. We ended up exporting her calender from Yahoo and importing it into a Google account, and that is working fine.
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    I thought I was going crazy. Same issues with yahoo calendar. Unistalled ubercalendar, thought that might be the problem. Nope. Nothing with my yahoo calendar is showing up or syncing.
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    Same problem.... All my reminders from Feb 3 through April 6 have vanished. They're all still there either side of this time window. I think they're still there somewhere 'cos a search for calendar events shows events thoughout the problem time window. A few reminders are also coming through but most aren't.

    Yahoo's refusal to communicate is really annoying off. I pay them the princely sum of $20 pa :-) yet when they screw up I have no recourse. Hey Melissa, how about getting some of your newly enslaved employees to work on this?

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