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    When adding a new account into webOS 2.x.x (say for my Gmail account)... I am questioning what the difference is between selecting "Email Account" vs selecting "Google" for setting up the account.

    Trying both ways appear to be similar, however, they must be separated for a reason? Are there some differences in how they sync or options they provide? They seem to provide the same options of setting up the syncing to the other apps (contacts, calendar, messaging, etc...).

    I don't recall there being that option in 1.4.5, but I could be mistaken.

    Ultimately, this main account will be used in/for email, contacts, calendar and messaging.
    Eventually I will add a few more Gmail accounts, but only email for those.

    So that is why I'm asking about the differences.

    EDIT: Mods... if this was posted in the wrong spot, please kick it to the right can. Thanks!
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