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    I just got a new unlocked Pre 2 and got it all set up and then went to set up my work Exchange account and got an error that the device couldn't set the security policies the Exchange server was trying to check. According to the info on my company website this is the policy for syncing:

    "[Company] have not barred any specific device or family of devices from synchronizing - all we require is that the device complies with the relevant [Company] security standards. That means it needs to be capable of encrypting data, applying a complex password and locking the device after a defined period of time. When a device is first setup, the Exchange server checks with the device that it's capable of carrying out these tasks; if it's not, synchronization is automatically prevented."

    I thought WebOS 2.0 was capable of this, any clues as to why this doesn't work? one at work that syncs with an Iphone 3Gs/4 or any Android device with v2.2 or above has this issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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    is there a web interface to the server? I had to visit mine with a browser on my pre to accept the certificate from the server. that solved it for me.

    the other tip is to check the settings on phones using winmo and iOS to access the server. copy their settings.
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    webOS 2.0 doesn't currently support storage encryption, but Android 2.2 doesn't either.

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