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    New Pre2 user here (unlocked GSM), coming to the Pre from a BlackBerry, and I am having issues setting up exchange. Mail works fine. Contacts, however, is another matter. It seems like not all of my contacts have synced over from Exchange, and those that did are missing information in some instances. It's really off behavior, as there doe snot appear to be any rhyme or reason as to what makes it to the pre and what doe snot. Any thoughts on this?!?

    ETA: Also, although the Exchange properties on the Pre say I have the correct number of contacts, I know for a fact that not all of them are being displayed. What could be causing that?
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    I have exactly the same problem with Exchange 2007 and Palm Pre 2 2.0.1/2.1.0. There are 5085 contacts in my Outlook address book, exactly the same amount of contacts show up on my Pre - but a lot of them are not searchable. There seems to be a problem indexing all the contacts. With my old Pre - everything worked well.

    Did anybody find a solution for that type of problem?

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    Check to see if there is a contact named 'Unknown' and then it probably has a whole bunch of other contacts linked to it. Reason being.... If the outlook contact only had a 'Company name' and not an actual 'Last name' then your Pre didn't know how to handle it. When it receives the contact, it places 'Unknown' into the name field instead of leaving it blank. WebOS automatically links contacts that it thinks are the same person, therefore if you had multiple contacts affected, then they automatically became linked.

    Same problem occurs if you import Outlook into gmail and WebOS seems to have modeled their contacts after gmail since that was their original Synergy concept.

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    Eek. If this doesn't get fixed, no future Pre for me. Exchange works fine (with minor annoyances) on WebOS 1.4, but I was hoping it would get better, not worse. So much for the Pre 3 being for the Enterprise.
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    Shortly after my last post I got into contact with Hp support. While I talked to this guy, we noticed that all of my contacts seemed to be on my Pre but didn't seem to be indexed correctly. When I searched for the last name schmidt, my Pre presented 15 Schmidts while Outlook presented 35. The number of data sets were identical on both platforms. While I had my discussion with the support guy the number of search results started increasing slowly until 35. This was despite the initial sync happened more than 24 hours ago. It seemed as if something prevented to index my contacts correctly.I waited another few hours. Since then I'm able to find all of my contacts.
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    OP here. Mine resolved itself as well. Its now syncing perfectly.

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