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    With the Google calendar sync issue, I'm looking for alternatives to Google. Has anyone used Yahoo or any other site? I have 6 different calendars in Google, so multiple is a must. My calendar is the main thing I use on my Pre 2, and the duplicating/missing/etc issue has become too much to deal with.
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    Yahoo works fine on my 1.4.5 device, but I'm trying it on my Pre 2, the Yahoo calendar won't even sync, events I added to the Pre 2 disappear. Looks like the issue is with the Palm 2.0 calendar, not Google.
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    I'd also like to find a good, 2.x-compatible, alternative to Google (or Yahoo) for both calendar and contacts.
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    Exchange works quite nicely for now, but mine's a student account for my school. Would be nice to know what other alternatives there are in case the issue isn't resoved by the time I graduate. lol
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    google is great and there are patches to extend the time so the short default duration should not be an issue any more.make sure if you use yahoo that the time zone is synced,with google you cant ask for a better all in one in terms of calender and contacts
    search in preware for "google first sync 10 yrs back and forward"
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    have you tried hotmail?
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    Goodness! sounds like I could have posted this, because i am having the exact same issues. VERY FRUSTRATING. VERY MUCH A STEP BACKWARDS, as far as I am concerned.
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    I dealt with the google calendar headache for a while on my Palm Pre 2 (Verizon) --it was about to drive me to another phone. Hopefully I won't jinx it, but I've had success for the last few weeks using hotmail's calendar. I have my hotmail account setup on my phone as an Exchange ActiveSync account, which I had done a while ago when I first got the phone to deal with the problem of some of my hotmail emails not displaying their text. With the Exchange setup, my Pre 2's calendar stays synced with the hotmail calendar very well with seemingly no lag b/w when a change is made in one place and when it appears in the other. Also, I "subscribe" my hotmail calendar to my wife's yahoo calendar and it appears on my Pre 2 correctly and identified as her calendar so I know which appointments are mine and which are hers. And I like the hotmail calendar interface a bit more than google's (although only slightly and they both do some things better than the other). You can export your google calendar and then import it into hotmail if you have a bunch of appointments already put into google.

    I don't recall if these are the instructions I used to setup my hotmail account, but they look like what I did: How to set up Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync for push email, contacts, & calendar in webOS/Synergy | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    I have seen others mention that google can be setup on the phone as Exchange account, but I never tried it to see if it would help with the calendar issue once I got the hotmail calendar to work.

    Now if only my yahoo mail would start working again my Pre 2...

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