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    I have an issue, I added my aim account to my phone, which is like 150+ contacts. It of course added them all to my contacts list.
    I then deleted the AIM account from messaging app, it was not listed in my contacts app. After doing that...there are some "leftover" AIM contacts like Id say 15 or so still in my contacts list.

    I tried zeroing out their name and the AIM screenname but they all just got put in the category "name not available" contact at bottom. So, I have like 15 of those now.

    How do I manually get rid of them? They are like contacts in "limbo" linked to nothing.

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    Well, I think I figured it out. Im amazed it seems to be working and what a screwy way to do it. But, I basically linked all those "unkown name" left over contacts to one of my real contacts, then I went into manage that contact and deleted all those bogus profiles from the real contact. Then they all disappeared from my contact list! YAY!
    So, it would seem this is one easy workaround for invalid contacts that dont wanna go away.
    It wouldnt let me delete them otherwise =./ weird...

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