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    Hi All,

    Cross post from the official Palm forums. Hopefully someone has had the same problems as me and found a work around. Hopefully I've explained it in enough detail that someone can help.

    Exchange contact syncing in 2.1 - Palm Support Community

    I've recently updated to webOS 2.1 and am having some undesired problems.

    With 1.4.5, when I was connected to my work Exchange server it automatically collected all my contacts from Lync and added them to the contacts app. (Around 40, all work colleagues).

    With 2.1.0, it has collected not only my Lync contacts but every single contact in my Outlook address book. So now my contacts app has over 650 entries! This has made the contacts app really messy and extremely slow.

    Is there a way for the contacts app to only add my Lync contacts like in 1.4.5 and not every single person I've sent one email too?
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    With Exchange 2003 it seems that the whole Global Address List gets synchronized... 1200 contacts in my Pre...

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