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    When I create a new event on my Pre 2 with my Google Calendar I get multiple duplicate events created but not in the category I created them in. As an example, I have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night so I created events on my Pre 2 using my Google Calendar "School" event category, and then I'll end up with duplicate events under my broader "" calendar and it has the default length of time and no notice before hand so the settings do not copy over. Sometimes, I'll have as many as 4 duplicate copies of events. I do have 4 Google Calendar categories created. Also, when I create an event on my Pre 2 it doesn't seem to update to my calendar.
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    what is the difference between your Google calendar and your "broader" calendar?

    I'm not sure I understand the question.
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    This is a known bug that Palm will fix "in the coming months" - i.e., you're stuck with it not working until the Pre 3 launches and they release webOS 2.2. Best to stop syncing now, the multiplications will only continue - someone reported getting up to 70+ and counting.
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    strange behavior syncing Pre2 Calendar with Google... - Palm Support Community

    "Palm has logged this in its software issue tracking system. We endeavor to continuously improve our software quality and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are grateful to the community and will evaluate options based on customer feedback and software best practices."

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