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    I am having issues syncing contacts with my default Gmail account. Basically, I corrected a phone number on my Gmail account. I then chose sync now in the contact app. The number did not show up corrected on my Pixi. Shouldn't my contacts sync both ways?
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    yes, they should. How many contacts do you have? Also, make sure you have gmail set to 'as arrives' for mail delivery n the email app preferences.

    try a quick test. In the email app, remove that account. Wait until you don't see the contacts listed in the contact app. If you have lots of contacts, it could take a few minutes.

    the add the account back to the phone. Make a change on the phone and see if it syncs. It could take a few minutes to show up because gmail seems to be flaky sometimes, evn when using a pc...

    if it doesn't sync completely when you add the account after 10 or 15 minutes... Restart your phone. That seems to initiate a sync effort for cloud accounts.
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    I just had another issue. I added an event to my Gmail calendar. It does not show up on my calendar app. I even tapped sync now.
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    I've noticed that it takes a little bit for the two to catch up with each other. Not sure exactly how long--I just walk away and do something else. Next time I look, they're up-to-date.

    I don't even bother with the Sync Now button because it doesn't seem to do anything. Then again, my calendar is pretty loaded and I have over 500 contacts.
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    From other threads, I have learned not to have any special characters in the contact name. That seems to make it stop syncing.

    I have also discovered that sometimes Google doesn't put new contacts in "My Contacts" but in "Other Contacts". These will not sync.

    I have over 1200 contacts and once I did the two things above, they all sync perfectly.

    I have had some weird things happen with my calendar. It seems to be hit or miss with some events syncing and others don't. The only consistent glitch I have noticed is with reoccurring events. If I edit just one of them, all but that one will disappear off my phone. They are still in Google calendar but wont sync until I make some change in the whole series.
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    FYI, one other thing to try -- the calendar problem happens for me occasionally: closing / re-opening the calendar app helps sometimes. Other times, a full reboot helps. Seems like occasionally WebOS gets stuck with a bad data cache or something along those lines.
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    The calendar never would sync. I finally restarted the phone. That worked. The calendar is synced now. I was a little panicked. I have started to heavily rely on Synergy.

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