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    My wife, my son, and myself all have a palm pre on sprint.
    We all three use Google calendars as out default calendar, because it will sync with outlook “per a Google sync program.
    We all three share out calendars at Google’s web site.
    All three calendars show up on our pre’s, and we assign them different colors on the pre to know who’s is who’s.
    Now here is the problem:
    When a new appointment is made, all three phone update and life is good.
    BUT, when an existing appointment is change, either time or name, the phone do not update with the new information.
    The example that changes most is my wife puts in her calendar what she plan for dinner for the entire week, and then we all know.
    However something during the week she will change her mind, and will change it in the calendar, but the updated information does not get to me or my son, even days later.
    The changed information does make it to my Google calendar at the web, and also makes into my outlook, but not my phone.
    The work around is to remove that account from the phone, then add it back.
    But it should not have to work that way or should it?
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    this is _very_ interesting.

    Is it just the updated information that is not working any longer?
    Do other events still sync? So, do you still get new events or does the synchronisation totally stop?
    Do you get events on the Pre, that you enter in Outlook or google calendar?

    I'm asking all this because I have a very similar sounding problem on webOS 2.0.1 on Pre2.
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    Thanks for the question:
    It is just the updated information.
    They still sync, but the title of the event does not change.
    New events show up correctly, but if you change the title from Spaghetti to Pizza it does not update.

    Mine is a pre minus running 1.4.5 I think, but defiantly not 2.0 on sprint.
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    I have had a related issue. For re-occurring events, if I change just one of them, they all stop showing up on the pre. For example, I have a meeting every Monday evening. When one of them was cancelled, I deleted just that one event on my pre. Future events also no longer appeared on the pre. They are still on Google's site. The work around that I have used is to only make those types of changes on either Google's mobile site, or wait until I'm on a computer and change it there.
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    I've had the same issue. I set my kids' school days m-f 8:30-3:15. I notice after Thanksgiving that ALL the Thurs and Fri's were deleted on my phone but not Outlook or Google calendar. Since I also put in days off I don't worry about it but it bugs me.
    Your reply above seems to indicate you've noticed that it's only when you change it on the Pre itself. Is that right? That's good to know! Thank you.

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