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    My pixi decided to brick itself so I just took it to best buy and most likely they wont be repairing it. So when that happens ill be getting a new phone (non webOS) however because it bricked itself I cant transfer contacts. So, my question is can i access my contacts that were backed up to "the cloud" and possibly download them to my computer or am I just going to have to go through the joy of getting all my contacts back?
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    Were they in your Palm Profile or had you changed it to backup elsewhere?

    If they are in your profile, or you were using google or something similar, they'll resync to your new phone, when you log into whichever account has them.

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    Oh, wait, just saw the non-webos. In that case, they'd have to be saved to google or some such to get them back.

    You may be able to access them with the emulator, but I don't know how to do that.

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    How did you 'brick' your device? That's nearly impossible to do (with exception to some freak event) - one of the benefits of webOS. If you still have the device we can troubleshoot it for you and try and get you up and running.

    If you used your Palm Profile to back up your data, you will be out of luck - but as verwon mentioned, I believe a couple of members have used emulators to pull that data out of the cloud to back up locally.

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