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    I've had a Sprint Pre for over a year now. Recently I've noticed when I go to open my email Inbox, that the screen goes blank and there's a blank gray bar at the top. It stays that way for a minute or more then my emails pop up and the bar shows what Inbox I'm in, etc. Anybody else having this issue? I've notice my SMS is acting this way, too. I'll tap on a name to send an SMS to and it goes to a blank SMS screen. Then after a minute or more, the SMS thread comes in. Weird! Is it time to take it to the Doctor? Many thanks in advance!!
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    How many emails and messages do you have stored in them?

    The Pre is limited in memory, as is any phone, and if you have a lot of stuff stored in those applications, it's going to eventually slow it down.

    Sometimes, there have also been problems caused by corrupt emails and messages, which requires finding and removing the corrupted ones, to fix the problem.
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