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    On my google app account I've a contact filled like that :
    The Name - Home - Other - Work - Google Talk - Google Talk

    A kind of this type (with one email and other email) is also duplicated on my contact list from a fresh synchronisation. I have one contact by email.

    For the above example I got two contacts on my Pre like that :
    The Name - Home - Other - Work - Gtalk - Gtalk

    And the second contact :
    The Name - Home - Gtalk
    The name - Nickname

    How can I fix that ?
    (I don't want link these contact, its dirty, its ONE contact from ONE source - only google app)
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    Have you tried just deleting one of them?
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    Not sure if I followed the question fully, but if you have contacts linking together that shouldn't, you can unlink them without deleting.
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    Agreed. Maybe it is doubled up because the profiles that are linking the contact (facebook, gmail, etc.) have duplicate information? You should be able to unlink or delete most of them.

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    The Pre also, sometimes, just links contacts very oddly. When I had my Pre, I had to doctor it twice and both times, when I synced my contacts back, from Google, it linked my dad and son. They don't share the same address, phone number or anything, so it made no sense. The only thing they had in common was the area code.

    However, as the others have said, unlinking is quick and painless.

    Or, if it's a complete duplicate, just delete the extra contact.
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    Funny,I went threw my contact list today and had a few like this,in a contact,when I deleted one of them the whole contact was gone,then i just re entered the contact and all was good.just one.

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    I've only a Google App account synchronized.
    I've done a full reset and now all is ok.

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