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    Hello and neary happy new year to everyone ;-)

    I realy like my pre but what I'm really missing is the ability to syncronize memos/notes somehow. I mainly syncronize using a yahoo account, and there is a note function in yahoo, but unfortunatly there is no way to sync this yahoo memo with the pre.

    So, right now I create a calender item when I want to write something down when I'm somewhere outside and when I'm back home I copy&paste it into a yahoo memo.

    any suggestions welcome :-)


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    I use a free app called Evernote to sync notes between my Mac and my Pre Plus. It also works with Windows. I've been very happy with it but you'll find mixed reviews. Since it's free there's no risk in trying it out.
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    Personally, in terms of the "memos" (by definition short, a sort of "sticky") I use the native app "Notes". It is not synchronized but it is possible to send the memo by mail ... Practice.
    For the "Notes" as such, I use a lot of happiness with Simplenote (sync on the web). And I must say, for simplicity and ease, I also Simplenote for my various lists: shopping lists, books, DVDs, etc..
    Well, apart from my things to do, everything is concentrated in one place, I can view, edit, etc.. both on my pc on my Palm Pre +.
    That, hopefully get you a little help ...

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