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    Hi all, I need some help setting up my email account on my pre plus, incoming email is OK and outgoing doesn't work at all, I've set the settings manually to the correct port and domain name and I'm getting an error "the servers security certificate is invalid" how do I fix this and get outgoing mail??


    edit another error is "unable to validate outgoing server settings"
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    bump any help here or is precentral dead?????
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    does your server have a url? Point your browser to it and accept the cert if it asks. That's the only thing I can think of.

    I use my pre with a godaddy email account and it works fine. But accepting the cert was how I got EAS to work previously.
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    godaddy worked for me too, and I tranfered the cert from my PC, which url should I hit, my domain or something else.
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    above my pay grade. Try both.
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    bump I'm desperate

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