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    Hello all,

    I have the following problem:
    I was using the Trial Version of CompanionLink for Outlook. This was working fine for my Palm Pre. After resetting my Palm Pre i can't use CL any more.
    I purchased the Full Version for 40 $ - but i still can't sync!

    Did anyone have an idea?
    Thanks in advance...

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    the trial version is only good for about 7 days. how long has it been?
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    Thx for your answer.
    I was using the trial version for ca. 5 days. But the problem occurs after resetting my palm. Maybe there is some data left on the Pre?! I have uninstalled and installed the CL-SW on the Pre over Preare for several times...but without success.
    Any idea?
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    the companionlink tech support people are really good, so you should send them an email. if you have the paid version, make sure you have the most current version of the program on your PC and phone.

    if that doesn't help, contact CL support. In fact, their CTO oftn hangs out here to answer questions. Let us know what eventually fixes this.
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    Hi all,
    i fixed the problem of my own!
    1st i deleted my user account on the palm page
    2nd i deleted all my programms on the pre
    3rd i installed the CL-SW again

    Now the Pre is syncing again. The problem was, that there were some program parts in my user acc on the palm-page.

    For thr future: i will deactivate my sync with my palm profil - this is more transparent for me!

    Thanks and goodby - i hope this will help someone....


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