Hello, I have a lot of important data stored in the native Tasks app. How can I export or back these up before wiping my phone with Dr.?

I must physically see my Tasks on my computer before wiping the phone. I don't trust that Palm Account is backing anything up because I can't see it. Companion Link seems to not back up native Tasks, wanting me to use their Task app instead. And Pocket Mirror won't work for me because I don't have WiFi.

My Treo 650 could sync to Outlook, where I could see the contents of my Tasks safely backed up on my computer. How can I achieve this for the Pre native Tasks?

Also, I'm assuming that Palm Account stores my calendar and contacts in my Google Account. When I create new calendar events or contacts, I see them in Google. So, after wiping the phone, I'm assuming they'll just download from Google. Correct?