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    When forwarding an Exchange work email, the forwarded message is sent as an attachment rather than inline. I have a Gmail account where the forwarding is done correctly, i.e. inline. However, I also have a Hotmail account, which I access on my Pre via Exchange, and that too forwards the original message as an attachment. Any solutions to this that anyone is aware of?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$'$s$ $no$ $solution$ $for$ $this$ $problem$. $I$ $tried$ $with$ $couple$ $of$ $patches$ $but$ $didn$'$t$ $help$.

    A workaraund solution is using "reply" instead of forwarding and deleting recipient and typing new address. It doesn't "forward" attachments tough. You need to detach and re-attach.


    Hope it helps


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