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    just noticed over at pcmag that yahoo has upgraded their calender to 2.0,bringing with it features to make it on par with google calender and apple's calender. Has anyone tried the calender?

    when I first started using the pre plus in jan I used yahoo calender and thought it was great. But then it was noticed that the calender only sync'd 60 days worth of info. There are many threads on this in the forums. I switched to google calender,which has been terrific.

    has anyone tried the new yahoo calender?
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    I have played with it a little bit. The only way to give you an accurate answer would be to use it for a few months and give a formal opinion. But is has received a major aesthetic upgrade as well as many under-the-hood enhancements. I am going to start using it a little and see if I really wind up liking it a lot more.

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    not looking promising...still syncing to 60 days only
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    Wish Yahoo would improve their contacts....
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    disappointing to here.

    microsoft has bing.

    google is google.

    everyone develops for apple.

    might be useful if hp buys yahoo and integrates it into webOS...but they need to make it comparable to bing and google.

    oh well.

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