so I've always had my aima cct. hooked up in the messaging app, but I never used it. recently I signed on and I had to put my password in because it didn't load any buddies.
so after putting my password in via the preference & acct.s page and noticing that my buddies still weren't loading, I noticed that it said under 'aim' that my username was
this is quite strange as my username is
so I figured that's why my buddies weren't loading.
so after realizing that I can't change my username in the username field of the aim login at all, I opted to remove the acct completely and just add a new one - the same one. so I did, and then I realized that it wouldn't sign me in as
so I went to to see if my credentials were correct, and they were.
after trying as well, I figured it just wanted my username and so I input that.
then it signed me in.
my buddies do load now, but after ~10 minutes of idleness, everything just goes outta whack.
any possible fix?