On my Google Calendar, I have six calendars under "My Calendars" (work, home, etc.) and I've subscribed to thirteen calendars under "Other Calendars" (sports schedules, holiday calendars, etc.). This works great because I can set them up to be different colors see at a glance what I have on my calendar.

My problem is that only sixteen of them show up on my Pre: the six under "My Calendars" and ten of the thirteen under "Other Calendars". The three missing ones are not turned off in "Calendar View Options"... in fact they don't even show up in that list.

I'm wondering if I've reached a maximum. Has anyone managed to sync more than ten of either type of Google calendar ("My" or "Other")? I haven't yet tried deleting the entire Google account from the calendar app and re-adding it... was wondering if any one had any insight before I do that.