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    As anybody else found non FB Friends in their Contacts?

    I have just noticed - maybe post FB Beta 1.4.0 update? - a whole group of new contacts that are Friends of Friends - and maybe only Friends of my wife ?! - have been synced to Contacts.

    Not in itself a major problem, but a puzzle; is this FB deciding that as we have a relationship link all out friends must be shared, in which case yet another major presumption from FB or some WebOS weirdness?

    Anybody else noticed this?
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    Facebook should only sync first layer friends to your device. Friends of friends or "second layer" friends shouldn't come over, because they are not necessarily your friends.

    In the back of my mind I wonder if this has to do with the new Facebook groups feature, but I'm doubting that.

    I've been trying to replicate this since you have posted and can't get it to happen. I'd really be interested in how your case differs from mine.
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    Thanks for looking into this, It's not the end of the world, but just a puzzle.

    I have double checked and the new contacts are definitley second layer and match my wife's friends list perfectly with no other contacts friends included.

    They only changes I have made to FB recently was to delete a group from my friends list.

    The only difference between our list of friends and any others is 'Relationship' link - if I explain nicely, I can delete that, resync my Contacts and see what difference that makes?
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    Why does it only sync your wife's friends and not other friends?

    My phone did this but it was my wife syncing our csv file to Google and the gmail pulled it down. It was easy to tell by the 'F'acebook symbol next to the name in the contact. Strange tho...
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    I've never heard of such things before. I guess the strangest things can happen when using the internet.

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    Hi All,

    Got to the bottom of this and it is neither FB making unwanted assumptions nor app glitch but rather unintended - at least by me - consequences.

    I had planned to methodically do the following:

    Remove/add my FB account from Contacts & resync

    Remove the Relationship link to my wife's FB account - that took a bit of explaining - and repeat the remove & resync.

    Opened up Contact Preferences & Accounts to discover my wife's account already added. I am guessing that at some point she has logged in to her account in Facebook Beta and Contacts has picked up the new account automatically.

    Looks like we could be in the market for an additional Pre in our house.....

    HardBeatz, thanks for looking at this - hope there's something of use that can go in the knowledge base for future reference even if it is only advising people not to leave their phones lying around without a password .....
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    has your wife ever logged into the facebook app on your phone or added facebook as a contacts account? Either would add her friends to your contacts

    edit: and if her fb account is there in the preferences of the contacts app, you can delete that account and get those contacts off that way
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    Exactly what it was - I didn't realise that logging into an additional account in the Facebook app would automatically add an account to Contacts.

    Plus I didn't know she'd been using my phone!
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