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    Help this newbie again please!

    I have a repeating event (weekly) in my google calendar. The time is 11a-12p, for all events, correctly on Google. However, in the Pre+, the time is showing up correctly for this event until Nov 13th. On that date, and all following, the time is set 10a-11a, but only on the Pre+ - Google calendar has event time correct for full series.

    Tapped manual sync in Pre+ - same result.

    I have removed Google calendar and then added again - same result.

    I have tried to change the time on the Pre+ itself (tap the event, tap the time, change to 11a-12p, swipe back, tap change series, swipe back). It does not save the change - it goes right back to 10a-11a.

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    Sorry I don't know how to edit the title, but I just got it work - I went into the event in goggle, on the date the event started, and edited it there (the repeat there had lost it's end date and I hadn't noticed that before), sync'd manually in the pre, and now it's right on both.

    Guess I jumped the gun begging for help, sorry!

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