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    so my mom has finally made the switch from her original iPhone to the Sprint Palm Pre. seeing how she is very old fashioned, she is in the process of physically writing down every contact on her iPhone so she can then go back and retype them all back in to her Pre. I am convinced there is another, much easier and much more 21st century way of doing this.

    If she was going from Spring phone to another Sprint phone, i wouldn't have these problems. but, i have no idea how at&t or apple backs up the contacts.

    are there any free apps that sync contacts OTA to some source that can then be downloaded onto the Pre through Synergy?
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    Hi nickel,

    Just use the Palm Transfer Assistant and you should be able to move all of your iphone contacts over with no problem.
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    Why not just sync the iphone to google and then use your google acct as default on the pre?

    Google Sync for your phone
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    Wasn't aware of that one... I just went by solutions given in past threads
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    don't put her contacts in the palm profile (dont use the DTA). They currently can't be accessed from a browser in the palm profile.

    I'm not a google fan, but any of the free mail services (ok, even gmail) will be better.

    also, sprint could have done that transfer for her at the store if you get desperate.

    if she already has an email account with google, hotmail, etc, use that to store here contacts.
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    those are all good ideas. we tried telling iTunes to sync the contacts with gmail, but she says it only sent email addresses and no phone numbers. i did not see this personally, but i think she is having a tough time figuring out what she wants. she wants every contact from her previous phone, but when they all appear, she feels like they crowd her space (especially when syncing with Facebook). i don't think she realizes how out-of-the-way contacts are and that you don't have to scroll through the app to find one. her argument to that goes as such: "on my iPhone i could just type the name and the person would show up" me:"well, you can do that on this without even opening the contacts app" her:"'s not the same" me:"how? it's easier!" her:"....not really". I know, not exactly #1 on the debate team, but still. she's very old fashioned.

    on a side note, with her recent purchase, everyone in my family has a webOS phone (2 Pres 2 Pixis)

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