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    I have my work email (EAS) synced to my Pre, and everything works fine (aside from general hardware stutter, but that's for another thread). However, it does not sync my folders correctly.

    I have emails from my boss' that are filtered directly into their own folders via a server rule I created within Outlook. It was only a couple of months ago that everything was working fine. Well, as good as it could work; folders do not actively sync even with push enabled. I would need to open the folder and wait for the recent emails to be pulled from the server into the Pre. A pain in the ****, but it worked after giving the Pre a moment to "catch up" on backlogged emails.

    HOWEVER, now my folders do not sync the most recent emails, but emails from 2 YEARS AGO! I opened one of the folders on the Pre and I was seeing emails from 2008 at the top of the list of emails. I thought, oh no?! Even if I let the Pre "catch up" to the newest emails, it will simply pull in a few more items from the same range of dates 2 years ago.

    I normally only have my email synced for the last 30 days, and I checked to make sure this is still the case, and the settings look fine. I have no clue why my folders are acting so crazy; and I really need this functionality because I am away from the desk about 50% of the day and looking up emails while in meetings for reference is very helpful. I have no need for emails from 2 years ago!

    I hope someone can help shed some light on this troublesome issue.

    I have tried refreshing, deleting the account and re-syncing and changing the amount of email history to save. Nothing has worked.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my troubling issue.
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    Sub folders do not sync automatically.....manual only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Sub folders do not sync automatically.....manual only.

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    That's exactly what I stated above, that I cannot sync folders until I actually open them and refresh. The problem is that it is syncing emails that are over two years old, and I cannot pull in anything newer.

    I'm not sure you even read the message...

    Does anyone have help on this?
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    Ouch....sorry...right you are, my post was a mistake and mixed half with another.
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    Sync time frame aside - If you resort by date again do recent messages show up again at the top?

    Your Thread title mentions something regarding Calendar issues...what are your problems there?
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    I tried the sorting by date option, but the most recent email is still dated in April of 2009 which is about 18 months too late, lol.

    Ah yes I completely forgot to mention about the calendar issue. It was a side problem that has since corrected, but I had to confirm/cancel all of my old meeting appointment requests because for some reason the Pre thought they were new meetings. I wanted to list it as another side effect of the old email issue but forgot.

    I can't imagine there is anything wrong with the internal clock since all of my other mail accounts (1 Gmail, 2 Hotmail and 1 Yahoo account) sync just fine. I can try removing and adding my work account again, but I'm not hopeful this will work. I would hate to have to Doctor my Pre...
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    any email patches installed?
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    Taking into account your calendar's behavor, I'd guess that, at least for a while, either the date on your Palm is/was wrong, or the date on the Exchange server is/was wrong. Might ask your IT guys if they just installed a DST update on the server. I've run into similar behavior because of DST updates shifting stuff around, making the phone think old stuff is new again.

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