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    One of the main features I needed was the ability to sync Outlook notes with the notes on my Pre. I turned to CompanionLink - it did so by creating contacts with the prefix "|M|" and the note title, then storing the note contents in the contact notes area. This was kludgy, but it worked reliably, and synced both ways between my phone and Outlook.

    I noticed the other day that changes to notes that I had entered in my phone were not making it to Outlook, and vice versa. Upon investigation, I found that they were making it from the phone to Google, but that there was no longer any synchronization between Google and Outlook. I wrote CompanionLink about this:

    I don't know when it stopped working, but I've just noticed that the "Notes" in Outlook that used to synchronize with my phone (as specially formatted Contacts) are no longer updating. Other items such as calendar events and contacts are updating fine - but the notes are no longer updating in either direction. Looking in the interface, I can't even see where I had this enabled.
    I got a response today:

    Outlook Notes are no longer supported for synchronization.

    CompanionLink 3.0 moved notes to Google Contacts as an expedient. The notes are denoted with |M| to sort them to the bottom of the list. the Contact list in G. However, the Android Contacts app does not display the notes well. So we have removed Notes sync from CompanionLink 4.0, CompanionLink for Google.

    If you like, you can use CompanionLink USB which synchronizes to DejaOffice for Android DejaOffice - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, or CL USB Sync for webOS. With this sync product we are not limited by Google's online services. DejaOffice provides Outlook-like tasks and notes on the device.

    Tech Support (LJG)
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
    So with the move to the (rather buggy, I must say) version 4 of CompanionLink, they silently removed support for Outlook Notes syncing - it's not even mentioned in the release notes that this functionality was removed.

    USB syncing is not an option for me, so either I live with no notes syncing, buy MORE software from a different vendor to do it, or try to find an old copy of version 3 CompanionLink that did do the syncing properly.

    This is just a warning to anyone who has upgraded to V4 of CompanionLink, and hasn't yet realized that their notes are not synchronizing.

    I've written them back:

    Wouldn't it have been a better idea to leave support in for those of us who DO use and need this feature (and in fact originally purchased your product BECAUSE of this feature), than to just silently remove it because of a specific phone's problem with it?

    USB sync is not an option for me, or else that's what I would have purchased in the first place. What suggestions do you have to replace the functionality that you have removed, without switching sync methods and software? - webOS User Community
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    Whoa, that's tough. I wonder what CompanionLink's CTO (who frequents this forum) can say about that?
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    What's really driving me crazy is spending two hours going through all my Outlook notes and all my Pre notes and synchronizing them manually, trying to find every change that I've made in the past few months. It's one thing to remove a feature and let your users know; it's another thing to silently remove a feature and not inform your users - who are still expecting that it's working. - webOS User Community

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