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    my Palm PrPrPr ($German$ $WebOS$ $1$.$4$.$5$) $used$ $to$ $sync$ $nicely$ $with$ $my$ $company$'$s$ $Exchange$ $server$. $It$ $suddenly$ $stopped$ $working$, $when$ $they$ $set$ $up$ $a$ $new$ $server$. $Now$ $I$ $always$ $get$ $a$ $certificate$ $error$.

    So I checked the certificate manager and discovered, it's broken. It doesn't display any of the installed certificates. I can add and trust new ones, but they don't show up in its list, either.

    They do work for the web browser, though. I can access my company's webmail, which uses the same self-signed certificate, just fine. It just doesn't work with the mail app.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Greetings, Jost
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